Saturday, September 20, 2008

New blog

I have A new blog it is Here

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not an ant lover

Why do the ants trust me that they would lay tons of larvae all over the books strewn on my end-table. Don't they know that I would freak out at the sight of them and think that they were maggots, and almost cry in disgust when my finger squishes a few unknowingly as I reach for a book. Do they really think that I wouldn't dispose of them in an instant without even a little bit of guilt, because I am not there friend and I am not generous with my space when it comes to rodents or insects. Well hopefully they have gotten the point now that there new little hive has been foiled and I showed no mercy even as they frantically grabbed the huge larvae twice there size and scurried for there lives. Be afraid little ants be very afraid.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watching the milk

I am sitting on the kitchen counter watching the milk to make sure that it doesn't boil over onto the counter like it does just about every night that I make yogurt. My brain so quickly forgets its simple task at hand even when I stand over the milk to make sure it doesn't boil over I still find myself wandering into my room plopping myself onto my bed and picking my book up, till I suddenly remember that I was just in the kitchen watching the milk, so I get up to go back into the kitchen and then find myself walking over to my computer to journal about the days events, maybe even talk about how I always forget to watch the milk as I remember oh yah I am supposed to be watching the milk, then I decide to take my computer into the kitchen and type about how I forget to watch the milk so that I keep my mind on watching the milk. The milk just started boiling time to turn it off.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I went to the guest house down the road to have a glass of port with C (another friend who just arrived). When we sat down at a table to order, my chair was quite uncomfortable, along with all of the other available chairs except one which a guy was using as a foot rest. I went up to the guy and asked him if I could exchange my chair for the chair his foot was resting on, as I was asking him I noticed that he had crutches, so the words that escaped my mouth before I had time to think, and before I realized his legs were crippled, were
"ohh, your foot is hurt" in a tone that really says, Ohh poor thing, bless your heart. He answered by saying "yah, take it but you will probably brake it, I don't know if it will support your weight."
I take the chair too shocked to be embarrassed (just yet), and a little amused at his quick (not very nice) wit.
After a few moments, and wanting to make sure all was right between us I asked
"Do you think I am really fat, that I would crush the chair (trying to sound humorously hurt) see I haven't broken it yet."
"I'll give it about half an hour"
"So you think I am such a big person I will really brake ..."
"you have already said that" he answered cutting me off.
Then I gave a little awkward laugh, not sure If he was really joking after all. As if reading my thoughts he said,
"I am just joking with you, you know, right."
"Oh yah, I am just joking too." I answered not knowing what just happened.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bush cat in the well

On the topic of the animals here in Goa. we have an animal that I only know by the name of bush-cat currently climbing up the inside of our well. It fell in while climbing through the chicu trees. Rachel and Jaya were looking in the well and saying ahh poor little cat, then at the same time of realizing that it wasn't a cat they gasped eww is it a rat! A huge rat in our well water!!!! they took a closer look and could not figure out what is was. Some kind of cat looking creature with a long nose, more like a possum. I've seen one in Sierra Leone, in fact I held it in my lap. I was too scared to move or pet it much though, because although it was a pet it wasn't quite tame, and it hissed a lot.
So now the poor bush-cat possum thing that has been curled up, hurt and hungry is trying with all it's might to climb up the side of the well. The poor little fury creature reminds me of Westly in the princess bride, held tightly to the cliffs of insanity, with our makeshift rope of sheets tied together and lowered to him hoping he grabs hold and climbs out to freedom...

He has made it out! During the night sometime the little nocturnal creature made it. Just in time too because with all of the rains lately, the little ledge that he had been curled up on just above the water is now completely covered. He would have drowned without a place to rest and gather strength if he hadn't made it out last night.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Cheeky Monkeys and even cheekier elephants

I missed out on the monkey coming into our house today. He was sitting on the kitchen floor, Jaya had to shoo him out. I would have loved to have been there. To see the monkeys cheeky expression as it was chased away, Peepbo going crazy outside barking at the rest of the gang swinging through the trees, unaware of the actual intruder. I love these monkeys that come to steal our chicu fruits, with there grey poofy hair and black faces. I love them even though we have to yell at them and chase them away, because they come in gangs and the weight of there swinging bodies onto our roofs breaks the clay shingles. When I was trying to catch a peek of one it caught my eye and stared curiously and unalarmed.
Today at the beach I met a dutch guy. I asked him about the beach down yonder (of course I didn't say yonder) where all the rocks were. He told me that there was a lot of wild life, monkeys, wild boars, birds with long beaks and wings that spread this wide (spreading his arms out), and tigers. "What! tigers!" I asked, "is it very scary?" (I assumed he would say no and assure me that the tigers are too far away, or stay away from people) "Yes" he said "very scary, but it's not the tigers you have to worry about, it's the panthers." "The panthers!" I ask in mock horror (thinking that he's having me on now). "Yes," he assures, "and you also have to be careful of the elephants, they take there trunks and rope them around people and bash them on the ground, then trample them. For the next ten days they cry (he says pointing to his eyes and drawing his finger down to his cheeks) because they don't like to do it." " Really," I ask," they cry! " "Ya, they do, they don't like to hurt people. They do it to protect themselves." "Oh, Hmmm" I pondered, a little confused as to whether he was joking (which I don't thing that he was). I guess to be safe I will have to watch out for those people bashing elephants.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I am in love with spiced chai. Everyday in the morning and at three o,clock I have my chai. It's my daily comfort, it's yummy and warm and sweet and spicy. It's also easy to make. You put half milk and half water in a sauce pan with 2 cloves, a cinnamon stick, a cardomon pod, a black peppercorn some ginger and 2 1/2 teaspoons sugar, bring to a boil then add about a Tablespoon of black tea, simmer for about 3-5 minutes, then run through a seive into your cup. Then find a relaxing place and savour every sip.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


What is it about the ocean that causes one to dream dreams. To hope, surrender and long. The vastness of blue ocean under blue sky. Foamy white waves crashing or gently lapping against the sand. The sea smell and sea sounds. Shells that never cease to be treasures. It is a healing place for me. Care and anxiety calms in my mind with the oceans music.
We are moving out of this house in about a month and have found a house within a few minutes walk to the ocean. There I can walk off the porch onto sand, feeling the breeze and hearing the waves.