Thursday, July 20, 2006

As I was on my way back from the rainbow gathering I knew I would have a hard time writing much about it, and now it feels like thousandths of years ago, with scattered memories of my time. So I'll write about the few things that have stuck in my memory. One being my favorite, was when I was shoveling the dirt, that had been dug out of the fire pit. I Can't really explain why it was my favorite, I just remember I had lots of energy and nothing to interupt my shoveling flow. The temperature was perfect, nice and warm with a cool breeze, and I felt like I could have kept shoveling for an eternity, I was practically in denial when I had nothing else to shovel. Does this sound silly, I can't help the fact that during my whole camping time this was my favorite experience. My other favorite memory was when I over heard someone say that they liked hangin out at our camp becuase they felt so comfortable there. It made the whole rainbow gathering worth it for me because really, for a while I was having a hard time seeing why it was important we were there. Probably cause I was having a hard time seeing my place there. Not to make the rainbow gathering seem like it wasn't great 'cause it was a wonderful time. I got to hang out with my fam here in the woods, and have great chats with cool people like Lindsey, and Brianna, and new friends like a girl named Jesse who was really sweet.
So movin' on to different subject
Today during morning prayer I was having the hardest time concentrating, all of a sudden I felt a panic that I needed to get into the world and do something (I think that this was partly brought on by Eddy calling the land the night before and saying World War 3 is happening and Armageddon stuff and what not, You know all that Israel bible prophecy stuff) I felt like my soul turned into thousands of thoughts and ideas building pressure inside my skin trying to break free. I was thinking should I go to school, I really want to but I want to be doing something as well, Maybe I can go to an orphanage somewhere in October, maybe in between school breaks I can go to orphanages. All of a sudden going to festivals or anything we do here felt useless, unless I go with something to be passionate about, and a life that shows my passion. I want to take care, in some way, of the people that most need love and comfort. So a prayer request would be, that God would show me where he wants me where I can most be used, and if college is something that I should stop condidering that God would really show me his heart. It's a hard prayer for me, I really want to go to College, but I just need to make sure first that it's God.


Blogger devon said...

I don't evem know what to say to you here, but you will be used any where you are, and schools theses days are intensely important battle grounds are'nt they? Hope to hear as much as possible as things develop here. Love you, girl.

11:08 PM  
Blogger sheri said...

I have been feeling that useless thing too, about the festivals and stuff. I don't know what God has for us, I miss the passion I used to have when I was on the street all the time and working with the hurting. We are praying about going over seas eventually, but we know we want to go back to cali.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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