Sunday, May 07, 2006

Frozen Marrow

Yes I do feel like the marrow in my bones has frozen over. Right about the time I went to Sarahs house I didn't see how I could possible handle the cold any more. A mental brakedown was on it's way and looking back I was probably close to a "God I hate this, I can't handle the cold anymore, feel sorry for me, wah wah wah" temper tantrum. Then when I got down to Sarah's house God smiled on me with warm wheather. I never realised how much I love walking across warm hospital parking lots. I felt my spirits soar with the sun and that I could take on the world. Yet in a bit of denial that my mood really could depend that much on a little bit of warmth and sunshine. But now I'm back and shivering so hard I think my teeth are going to shatter into a million peices. My heater is off in my room, so my room feals like Alaska.Yes I know, lots and lots of complaning, I could totaly have it worse, like actually live in Alsaka. So on that note I am going to thank God that I am not an eskimo. And thank you Guys for listening to wy whiny babyness.


Blogger The Reitsma Family said...

Renee, I love your blog site. It's so fun! I love your favorite color too - polka dots. I'll be watching for great writings from my wonderwoman.

8:11 AM  
Blogger 1weirdgirl said...

I love you Renee, you're so fun, and funny and cute, and I love your writings, and your comment totally made my day...
keep it goin' cool as ever

11:47 AM  
Blogger devon said...

OOh, you'll be lovin sacto come this weekend, we'll have you sweating like a, well, you'll be sweating thats all i know. We'll have outdoor bbq's and we could even get in our friend marcias hot tub if we were'nt hot enough. can't wait to see ya again.

9:56 AM  

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